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I’ve been exposed. Now what?

You CAN'T stay in your house forever. We never planned on maintaining a quarantine until the virus "went away." Our city continues to open up and ease restrictions. COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Your children may be venturing off to…

Orange County Recommendations

Due to current Orange County recommendations: “Essential” may be the new “optional.”   Visits that we consider ESSENTIAL:  All well child visits for kids 18 months and younger  Well child visits for 4 and 11-year-olds  Vaccine visits – especially flu boosters For ESSENTIAL visits we highly…

We are going GREEN!

Why clutter your purse or pocket with papers at every visit. Exactly what we were thinking. We have copies of Vaccine Information Statements available for you to peruse while you are here.  Each time your child receives a vaccine, you…