I've been exposed. Now what?

Definition (as below) with a person with CONFIRMED COVID-19:

  • Within 6 feet for a total of 15 minutes in a 24 hour period regardless of mask status. 
  • Direct physical contact i.e. hugs
  • Direct contact with infected droplets (cough, sneezes, spits)
  • Shared eating utensils or cups

What do I do?

  • Monitor symptoms for 14 days
  • Quarantine for 10 days
  • Quarantine may end on day 7 with a negative test on day 6 or 7. PCR testing preferred but some rapid tests are acceptable. 

Who has to quarantine? 

  • ONLY the person with DIRECT contact
  • Example: if child in classroom A is exposed then child in classroom B doesn’t need to quarantine

Should I get a test right away? 

  • A test done before day 5 is likely to be negative and does not change quarantine requirements. 
  • We strongly recommend a PCR test. It is more accurate, especially if you do not have symtpoms. 

What do I do with the results? 

  • If your child is positive, you will start on a new “what if” sheet for SARS-CoV2
  • If your child is negative, follow quarantine recommendations above 

What if I play sports? 

  • Your quarantine must include REST.
  • No sports or strenuous activity. 
  • No “practice” “workouts ” or “training” at home

*This is for the safety of your athlete. Cardiomyopathy and decreased heart function can occur with even very mild infections of COVID-19. 

If you google “COVID TEST SITES IN ORLANDO” a list will come up with every location including Centracare, CVS, CareSpots, and CareNow urgent cares as well as county sites like the convention center. Each listing provides information on whether or not you need an appointment, a doctor’s order, or any restrictions to testing (symptoms, age etc.)  Orange County has mobile testing sites that are listed on the